Swan Princess

This royally gorgeous Swan Princess inspired party is definitely a playdate to remember.

Dazzling pink, silver, cream & white palette makes up this event's color inspiration. We dressed up the table in gorgeous sparkling linens, soft feathers, swan decors, tiara, tutu, mask and stars that truly leaves this party a lasting impression!

The design of dainty sweets and treats make the party feel more formal and royal. And the cake is definitely swoon-worthy with all its intricate details.

We're truly delighted with all the adorable details used in this party. They're pretty, playful and most of all, they're fun for every little girl's celebrations.

Swan Princess Treats includes the following;

Customized Swan Princess Inspired Two-Tier Fondant Cake

Customized Swan Princess Inspired Cupcakes

Customized Swan Princess Inspired Cake Pops

Customized Swan Princess Inspired Cookies

Ferrero Raffello

Sparkling Kisses


Princess treats in a box

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