Most Adorable Ever!

Step right up! You’re about to see the most adorable Carnival theme baby shower party ever!

The first juggling act takes place from a lovely Romper. We have customized the romper's pattern and incorporate the fun color palette of Coral, Teal, Salmon & Grey which brought the theme very pleasing to the eye.

Next up are the carnival rides; showcasing the ferris wheel and merry go round carrying all sort of sweet baby elements.

Also featuring the cutest carnival party cut-outs, lovely cookies on the side and the adorable detailed cake has captured everyone’s attention.

As the smell of excitement is in the air! We are also serving a variety of carnival food to-go such as popcorn, cotton candy, swirl pops and chocolates that will surely delighted the guests during and after the show.

Without doubt, the guest are thrilled and the parents to-be couldn't wait to start the amazing ride of their lives..

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