Totally Rockstar

Rock on and get carried away with all the fun details used in this Rockstar theme party.

Showcasing rockin' stuff such as speakers, musical notes, vinyl record plates, guitar, and keyboard mixing with notable rock symbols such as heart, wings & stars works perfectly for our little celebrant who loves music, rock and roll!

Combining the glam rock appeal of Hot Pink & Gold palette accented against the Black and bold nature of Chevron Pattern has totally created a contrast.

Without doubt, the super blast sweets and the fabulous cake taking the center stage makes this party spot on & spectacular.

Keep Rockin' with these following sweets;

Two-tier Customized Fondant Cake

Customized Fondant Cupcakes

Customized Cupcakes with Frostings

Pink Smarties in a Cup

Microphone Cake Pops

Caramel Crisp Rockcorn

KitKat Crisp Wafers

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