Rustic Elegance

Every detail from this wedding showcases a truly stunning approach on the modern rustic chic theme and what we love most about this event is that, it also features a lot of personal touch of the Groom & Bride.

The welcome banner & photo gallery were decorated with blush tone flowers arrangements, natural greens, wooden crates and metal finish decorations gave this event beautifully blend of elegance with a rustic chic vibe.

The dessert table centrepieces and backdrop were decorated with tulle combined with laces backdrop, old fashioned-bird cages, vintage decorations, crocheted lace, metal-cut-out lanterns, wooden stands, and fabric bunting makes everyone truly smitten from the way we have transformed a casual savoury dessert treats into an elegant rustic dessert experience.

Cake & Cupcakes by Joselle Anne of Arc Cake Texture

Floral Arrangements by Veronica of Genified

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