Team Safari

Introducing the unique Team Safari which offers both Sports and Jungle animals all playing their favorite Sports. The All-Star players are full of energy and every game is a feast of fun.

The official team colors are royal blue, grass green, black & white. We wanted their one month celebration to be bright, bold and graphic so we incorporated and use Hexagon shapes which is very easy to connect to each other (like their team) and they super like it.

The Jersey Uniform inspired backdrop for there athletic Little Coach on the move is so adorable. Plus a variety of game refreshments they have truly enjoyed and sweet favors have been served.

Definitely, the Players' celebration is a breath of fresh air and would be great for any sports fan and jungle animal lovers as well=)

Half Time Snacks includes the following;

Customized Safari Theme Fondant Cupcakes

Customized Sports Theme Fondant Cupcakes

Cookies and Creme Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Coated Biscuit

Vanilla Cake Pops

Half Time Treats (Assorted Goodies)

M&M’s Push Pops

Chocolate Caramel KIsses

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