Safari Road Trip

Let’s go on an adventure with this amazing Safari Road Trip Theme Party!

Hop on as we take you to the Sweet Route=)

We have everything sorted out for this trip and created an itinerary that will take you through Earthy animal prints, Natural colors and textures, Beautiful scenic backdrop, and to Scrumptious wild desserts.

And the best part of the trip is reaching the Cake Pitstop where it is fully decorated with Safari animals. No doubt, it makes this ultimate sweet journey a trip that you cannot miss.

Road Trip friendly delights are the following;

Customised One Tier Fondant Cake

Red Velvet Customised Fondant Cupcakes

Red Velvet Customised Cupcakes with Frosting

M & M's Minis Tube

Hersheys Chocolate Bars

Vanilla Cake Pops

Tiramisu in a cup

Brownie Cheese Delight in a cup

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