What an a-Dora-ble celebration! The mixture of bright and pastel Candy color palette of Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, & Lime Green provides an exciting high-contrast look and it is just lively fit for any little girly explorers.

We just adore the way this classic Dora Theme party all turned out. It has so many fun and eye-catching elements and we wanted to show that not every dessert table has to be over the top. We love the simplicity of set-up, the nice collection of sweet treats, party favors, and of course, the birthday cake is truly noteworthy.

Delicioso dessert treats includes the following items;

One Tier Customised Cake

Customised Cupcakes with Frosting

French Macarons

Chocolate Coated Biscuits

Kitkat Crisp Wafers

Fruity Jellies

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