Little Lamb

Light, Neutral hues of Mocha, Beige, White and Peach makes up this event's color inspiration. From the stripes and checkered pattern to fabulous printable for the desserts & packaging of the giveaways makes this Little Lamb Theme party filled with so many charming details.

The table centrepieces and backdrop were also decorated with plush lamb toy, transparent sheep figurine, ball of yarns, crates, picket fence, floral arrangement, and paper decorations.

Sweet treats on the dessert table includes the following items;

Two Tier Customised Cake

Sheep Cupcakes

Hersheys Drops

Sheep CakePops

Sheep Brownies

Caramel Crisp Popcorn

Lady Fingers Bisquits


Chocolate Cheseecake Mousse in a cup

Giveaways and Prizes are Jewelries in Tin Cans and Box of Chocolates.

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